Cancellation of the EANM Focus Meeting 4

Due to the current covid situation, more than 50% of the speakers were not allowed to travel to Spain and therefore we were left with two options to react:  either organizing a hybrid meeting or – which was done in the end – to cancel this year’s focus meeting completely. The safety aspects and the “well-being” of all involved persons must be our top priority in these challenging days.

Also towards the registered participants who expect to hear and meet all speakers onsite, EANM would not have been in the position to grant these persons the according value for money, knowing they would have spent enough funds on flight, accommodation and registration fee – just to have a 50% virtual meeting in Seville.


picture of Assoc.Prof. Jolanta Kunikowska (EANM President elect)

Jolanta Kunikowska
(EANM President)

Meeting Chair

Ken Herrmann
(Chair of the Oncology Theranostics committee)

Meeting Co-chair


Consensus meetings like our Focus Meeting are based on and live from the idea of (personal) discussions and interactions. However, this is quite difficult in an online scenario and also nearly impossibly in a hybrid situation (with some speakers being onsite and others not).

Only onsite meetings offer unique interactive opportunities, such as the chance to talk with international colleagues and experts in formal and informal surroundings, to get to know each other better and to understand each other’s point of view.
Therefore the decision was taken, that the Focus Meeting 4 will also not be switched to an online meeting.

However, we are still working on finalizing a publication with all panelists based on the study which has been conducted in the last year. We will inform you in our newsletter as soon as this work has been published.

Again, we are very sorry for this situation, thank you very much in advance for your understanding.


With best personal regards,
Jolanta Kunikowska and Ken Herrmann


In case of any additional questions, please contact the EANM office at