The aim of the meeting is to provide an in-depth overview and critical assessment of the latest development and future directions in the management of haematological tumours including lymphomas, multiple myelomas and beyond with a focus on the role of imaging and therapy in general and nuclear medicine in particular. The goal is to arrive at a multidisciplinary consensus on the current state of the art and to make expert recommendations on how to advance the field towards establishing clinical impact.


Bettina Baeßler Zurich, Switzerland
Ulrich Dührsen Ratingen, Germany
Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré Nantes, France
Marcel Nijland Groningen, Netherlands


Trailer EANM Focus Meeting 4 Have a look at the Focus Meeting in Seville, Spain in 2022
Impressions EANM Focus Meeting 3 Aftervideo of the Focus Meeting 3 in Athens, Greece


The historic city of


Seville is intimately linked to its role in history and to its extensive cultural heritage. What’s more, in the past few years, the city has been transforming itself, creatively blending the value of tradition with generous doses of fresh innovation — all while still maintaining its unique personality, joy, and openness to visitors.

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