Airport and Arrival Information

The Seville International Airport (SVQ) is located 10km east of the city. There are bus, taxi and also rideshare services from the Airport to the city centre.

By Bus

The EA bus line (Special Airport, in Spanish “Especial Aeropuerto”) is the only bus line that currently connects Seville International Airport with the city of Seville. The service operates every day of the year, from 05:20 to 01:15 (destination to Seville city) and from 04:30 to 00:30 (destination to the airport). Click here for the full schedule.

The journey usually takes 35 minutes from the airport to the city centre. The price for a one-way ticket is EUR 4,00, a round trip with return on the same day costs EUR 6,00. Tickets can be bought on the bus.

35 minutes
EUR 4,00* (Round trip – same day: EUR 6,00* )
The bus stop in the airport is located outside the main terminal.

 * prices as per April 2022 

By Taxi

It takes about 15 minutes by taxi to the city centre. You can find the taxi outside the arrival hall. There is a fixed price for airport transfers of EUR 22,81*. This price is slightly higher in the night, on weekends and holidays (EUR 25,43*). It is not possible to negotiate the fixed fee.

There is only one main taxi company in Seville, the Radio Taxi. It can be ordered by calling +34 954 50 00 00 or via the Pide Taxi app.

15 minutes
EUR 22,81* (EUR 25,43* night/weekend)
The taxi rank is located just facing the main terminal.

 * prices as per April 2022 

By Rideshare

Free Now, Uber and Cabify are available at Seville Airport.

One-way trip cost to the city centre as follows:

– Free Now: EUR 17,00
– Uber: EUR 21,00
– Cabify: EUR 23,00-31,00

15 minutes
EUR 17,00-31,00
pre-booking via app required