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The Focus Meeting is a premier event hosted by the EANM dedicated to delving deep into a specific topic within the realm of nuclear medicine.

Our upcoming edition will focus on breast cancer. We will critically evaluate the impact of imaging on breast cancer care, with a special emphasis on the application of nuclear medicine techniques in different clinical settings. The discussions will extend to cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals and theranostic approaches, illuminating the promising future of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Ultimately, the goal is to reach a multidisciplinary consensus on the current best practices in nuclear medicine imaging for breast cancer and to provide expert recommendations to assist healthcare professionals in their clinical decision-making. The outcomes of our meeting will be published in a medical journal, ensuring that the insights gleaned leave a lasting impact on the field.

Our panel features 30 esteemed international speakers, recognised as opinion leaders in the field. Our target audience, limited to 250 individuals, consists of advanced experts from Europe and beyond, ensuring that a diverse array of perspectives is represented.

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